This is Iceman, the LIMOUSIN CATTLE.

He stands tall and is high in both quality and growth. He has 99% reliability on the majority of his EBV figures and an outstanding pedigree.

The limousine is an old breed of cattle. Cave drawings of this breed have been estimated to be 20,000 years old! WOW!

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The Limousin is large, fine and has a strong boned frame. Mature Limousin females should average 650 kilos and mature males 1000 kilos. The head is small and short with a broad forehead, and the neck is short with a broad muzzle. They have horns which are usually yellow and curve forwards.

Find out more about this breed:


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NERO the Simmental

This is Nero the Simmental. He is a good size, with great growth.

Check out his profile:

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Simmental is cattle which dates far back into the Middle Ages. They are a German cattle. Technically, the Simmental designation includes several breeds in Europe. They are usually gold, but can also be a redish colour, with splashes of white. Some have horns or are polled. They stand tall and their weight can be around 700-900kgs, with bulls being as high as 1300kgs. They are great for milk and beef production. They are very adaptable and can adapt to different conditions. They are bred all over the world. They have solid red meat and a minimum of waste fat. Read more...



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Prince the Aberdeen Angus

This is Prince the Aberdeen Angus:

He is a young bull, full of class and style. 😉

Check out his profile and other Beef cattle:

(if you would like to raise Aberdeen Angus, you can buy bull/cattle/dairy semen from the above website.)

About Aberdeen Angus:

The Aberdeen Angus breed is a beef cattle. In Scotland it is locally known as “doddies” and was developed in the 19th Century from the black cattle of North Scotland.

The Aberdeen Angus cattle is naturally black, but can be red in color. White may occasionally appear on the udder. They are strong and resist bad weather. Good natured, adaptable and mature early. The females have good calf rearing ability.

Angus can be found international. Found mostly in USA, New Zealand and Australia and remain popular in Britain.

For more information check out:

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